Being Positive Patty

Coming to work day in and day out can be one of the most monotonous things any person will experience in their life. This is especially true for those of us who have a repetitive job, where everyday we have the same processes to follow, we go through the same motions and encounter the same problems which in turn have the same resolutions. I’m bored just typing that…

One thing that any person needs to understand is that work is what you make of it. Me for example, I was handed a new contract that was work I had never done before. I had a general idea of how to handle things but on the grand scale I was out of my league and it showed. Everyday was a struggle to get out of bed and it wasn’t Gary’s fault, it was this daunting task ahead of me which was my work day. My attitude towards the whole endeavour was to just be negative, nasty and feel sorry for myself. What had I done to the management to deserve this type of punishment – punishment is exactly what it felt like. There were countless days where if I wasn’t actually bursting out into tears from the sheer stress of it all, I was damn near close to it. Everything was closing in and it was getting darker and darker. A few colleagues tried helping but they had their own work to get done so it was understandably minimal. I really started to feel like this would be the end of me, I was going to have a nervous breakdown and it was going to be bad! (Not that a nervous breakdown is ever good…)

I was talking to my aunt one night and she reminded me that you can only work with what you have and you can make the best of what you have but you need to keep your head in a positive place. For some reason this resonated with me. I was usually such a positive person and I had let this job get the best of me. I sat down and really thought about what she had said to me and what I was going to do to make this better. First thing, I was going to change my negative nasty attitude towards the job. Once my outlook is brighter on the whole situation then it was bound to get better. The positive energy I planned to exert was going to change everything – or so I thought. Needless to say it was a great start.

Once my head was in a better place about the situation I was able to realize where there were weaknesses and where I could make changes to better the overall project. Things started shaping up. Things were getting easier and easier each and every day, I wasn’t as miserable when I got home and certainly ranted a lot less about work. At work I was beginning to be my bright, smiley self again and it felt good. I felt more like myself and was able to better deal with the situations I was faced with each morning. The positive vibes were radiating through me and other people were noticing. Positive feedback about my work was stemming back to me and it really gave me a feeling of  accomplishment and made me want to do more and do it better. The universe was finally working with me and not against me as I had once thought.

Being the Positive Patty at work is not a bad thing. It reflects well on you, gives you a glow and makes people want to work with you. Remember this, when life has you down think positive vibes. The universe does not want to kill you it is teaching you a lesson, be happy, be brilliant, and be you. Don’t try to be anyone’s hero except for your own.


Truthfully Yours,

Smokey Mouse


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