Double Winner of the No Fucks Given Award


Today, at lunch, I was craving a Spicy Chicken from Wendy’s (if that’s not your favourite item then you’re living life wrong). I drive through the obvious route to the menu board and speaker (side note: why don’t they put the menu boards first so you can read, decide and then drive up to order) and this van just pulls in front of me, driving through the space that is not an entrance in an attempt to order before me.


Now I’m confused. I watch this man yell at the board for a few minutes with no success and finally get waved to the window so they can take his money and give him food. All in a lunchtimes entertainment, folks! Well doesn’t this woman drive up and do the exact same thing. She even looks at me and waves her arm around as if to say “well, who could blame me for not realizing” when the answer is anyone. Literally anyone else would have realized, and does on a daily basis.


Of course, she has the exact same issue ordering and the same issue realizing the cashier is desperately waving her to the window to just get the quickly forming line dealt with.

I had to laugh the whole time because some people are just quite unbelievable. Congratulations to you, my fellow Wendy’s patrons, for truly giving no fucks. You should probably exchange numbers because you have found your perfect other, just outside the Wendy’s drive-thru no less.



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