Personal Email Signatures

I’ve recently started job hunting and thinking about that empty white space I was wasting at the bottom of every email I sent from my personal account. The convenience of having all of my contact information available in the signature of my work email somehow never rubbed off on my personal email! Until now.

Of course, the most important step in creating a personal email signature is determining the information you want to show. I read an astonishing number of articles advising you to include your email address and I just need to ask

WHAT? WHY? You are EMAILING them, this is your EMAIL signature, and your email address is more than apparent if they need it from the actual EMAIL. Okay, that’s out of the way.

Please, for my sake, do not include your email address. I went with my name and a View My LinkedIn Profile button as I wasn’t sure I wanted my cell phone going out to everyone I email.


If you click that button from my email signature it directs you to my public LinkedIn profile!

Some options for information to include are your name (obviously), phone number, fax number if you prefer dinosaur aged technology, email address (but don’t, just don’t), office or home address (I don’t recommend the latter), quotes (ideally with lots of asterics surrounding), links to any of your social media profiles etc.

Remember that the more information available, the less likely people are to use it! Too many options overwhelm people so ideally you choose the best method to contact you. I am in the midst of job hunting and I’d like to direct everyone to my LinkedIn profile to view my experience but perhaps you are trying to grow your Twitter follows or Facebook likes and should showcase them instead.

So get out there, grow your personal brand and add a signature to your emails!



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