What Not To Eat In The Office

Truth be told some people aren’t considerate.  Shocker I know right. There should be unwritten rules about what foods to not eat in the office. Now I know some of these could be very personal to me, but I know many are common to other people’s dislikes.


Why did you feel the need to make the office smell like a fish market. If I wanted the ocean experience I would go to Newfoundland and hop on a fishing boat.

2. Anything that smells like asshole.

Some food just reeks and can be very offensive with us to sensitive noses and weak stomachs. Ya I may be being a bit over sensitive here but your food should not leave the microwave smelling like it for weeks. I also should not be able to smell your food from 50+feet away.

3. Popcorn

Yes I violate this rule often. No I probably won’t apologize for it. When someone else makes popcorn in the office and you can smell its beautiful aroma from your desk. You suddenly need to eat it and you know what you can’t. Why you ask, well because that is not your popcorn and of course you don’t have any bags in your desk to make yourself. Therefore you are left with a sense of hunger and unfulfillment.

That’s all for now.

xo SugarMouse



2 Comments Add yours

  1. sugamouse says:

    Except that I am not


  2. sassiestmouse says:

    This article is hilarious because you are the number one office food offender.


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