Bipartisan Fun on Craiglist

Politics + Craiglist = a whole lotta nope!

I don’t know if you’ve heard but there was a little thing called CPAC going on in DC this past weekend. If you’re a modern thinking feminist like myself reading through the coverage required some more “alternative sources”, both of the rolled up and news variety, to keep your sanity.

If you’re really like me, you’ll have a sick obsession for Craiglist Personals which is where I found this horrifying beauty


I’m just going to let the message speak for itself but uh, yeah.

Side note: Can you imagine the porn the CPAC attendees are going back to watch in their room? Some freaky shit I’m sure.

I’ve seen some skeevy Craigslist posts in my time but this one takes the cake! It’s a brave soul to take a topic that generally is not brought up in polite society and make it the basis of their post looking for a little extra love. Good luck, friends! Although I have a feeling you may not need it.



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