Monday Mayhem

Guest Post by The Crazy Cat LadyFullSizeRender (4).jpg

It was a windy day and I was on my way to do our daily bank deposit, it was a big one as lots of cheques had come in. I pulled into the bank, parked my car and as I opened the car door a gust of wind blew it out of my hands. I gathered myself, exited the vehicle, shut the door and realized that I locked my keys in the car! In my shock and horror, I lost my grip on the deposit book and watched as all the cheques, except for maybe two, started flying all over the place. I started scrambling to catch as many as I could, a few “safe cheques” reached a fence and some other bank customers were running around trying to help (Thank you!!!!).

I called my company in a panic, describing my situation and asking them to send help. SOS.

I specifically told them not to send Steve, or even tell him what happened. Steve was the boss of the company and also my husband, yikes!

So, of course, Steve showed up. He walked around in a circle, freaking out, doing some in the air hand motions. Super helpful. He said a few words and then left. Probably something to the effect that I was an incompetent idiot. Like this is new? Luckily, he didn’t spot the pack of cigarettes on the passenger seat of my car because apparently I quit.

Again, I took this as good news as I waited for the tow truck to unlock the car.

As the days went by the cheques were mailed back to us by perfect strangers which, while amazing and nice, was like salt in the wound whenever one showed up.

Oh look, another cheque has arrived! Back to work.


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