What Is Worse Than…

Monday. Oh Monday. Why are you the worst thing to happen throughout the week?

That is what I was thinking when I showed up to work today, tired, hungry, and not ready to face the day. But then that made me stop and re-evaluate everything that is work life. Okay the re-evaluating came after I ate breakfast which was after a shit storm of non sense that had piled up over the weekend but regardless – what is worse than Mondays? If Monday wasn’t a thing would we all hate Tuesdays? Would Tuesday be the new Monday? Would having that extra day off of work really make us more productive and better employees overall? Do we want to be better? I do, sometimes – not today but sometimes.

The stigma that is a Monday morning will probably never change (sorry, it is what it is), but let’s look at a few of the things that can be worse than a Monday morning…

  • Wearing wet socks and shoes
  • Knocking over your freshly opened bottle of wine (even worse if it’s on light coloured fabrics)
  • Running out of gas/your car breaking down
  • Unexpected vet bills because your dog loves dumpster diving
  • Touching mystery liquid accidentally
  • Spiders
  • Gary Pickles
  • Face planting in front of a group of people – if you are friends with¬†any of them prepare to be made fun of, they will tell people
  • Falling in the mud

Those are just a few. Can you add to the list? Experience something that is worse than a Monday  morning? Let us know!


Truthfully Yours,

Smokey Mouse


One Comment Add yours

  1. Dropping your wine for sure!! Once after a brutal workday, I stopped and bought the biggest bottle of red I could find and while walking up the steps to my building I dropped it and it smashed sending red wine everywhere. I almost cried.


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