How to Relax on Lunch

Since I love to chill out and zone out. Here are my tips on how to relax on your lunch or breaks.

  1. If the weather is nice go outside! Take a walk or eat outside
  2. Have a nap (find a quiet space and rest)
  3. Go out for lunch
  4. Read a book
  5. Don’t do work!
  6. Watch funny youtube videos (if you are allowed to)
  7.  Do yoga in your office
  8. Eat chocolate (ok maybe this is more geared towards me)

These are just a few of my tips for relaxing on lunch. Having some time to be away from work just for an hour or so is very crucial. It helps you de-stress, relax and in turn be more productive when you return from lunch (except if you eat a huge burrito all bets are off then).

Read the below article on more information and reasons you should take lunch!

It’s a great read!

8 Reasons Why You Should Take Lunch




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