The Tools

So you’ve been given a new task to complete at work. It started as an email that was sent over to you from management asking if you had some free time. You know they know you do so you keep it honest and say yes. “Perfect!” is the response you receive and you sit and wait in anticipation to see what your new big task is all about. The email finally comes in and you read over the email, it is not explaining what you need to do at all but there is a lovely spreadsheet attached so you open it thinking this might shed some insight on your task. It doesn’t. You ask your supervisor what he is looking for and he says he needs you to look over the spreadsheet and adjust it as needed. Still confused. Maybe it’s you – so you ask your colleague who is also CC’d on the email if she has any idea what is required. She doesn’t. You both sit there and wonder WTF kind of drugs have these people been taking.

One thing about being productive at work is you require the right tools to do the job. You wouldn’t send a plumber to a call without a wrench, or a contractor to a job without a hammer, so why are office staff expected to function at full capacity with a rock and two sticks to rub together? It is beyond me how this is just expected of us. I NEED MORE TOOLS!

My little piece of advice for all of you out there struggling to get things done because your management or lack there of have failed to provide the necessary tools, tell them. Tell them it is not you who is incompetent or incapable, it is them. **Obviously don’t tell them they are incompetent if you still want your job but re-word it to be office appropriate** Once the necessary tools have been provided to you, you are more then happy to assist in whatever task they need to you work on, you will be more productive and most likely less frustrated.

Happy Friday!!!


Truthfully Yours,

Smokey Mouse


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  1. Yes, what drugs are these people on and how do I get some?


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