One More Hour Please!

Daylight Savings is upon us, and not even the good one! I won’t even go into why DLS is such a waste of time, which it most definitely is.

If you’re anything like myself, and Smokey Mouse, then waking up this morning was a little difficult.. lol, who am I kidding? It did not happen until after work started.

So here are some pro tips on dealing with a late morning.

  1. Dry Shampoo is your best friend if you have no time to shower (Expert level: add cacao powder if you’re a brunette!) and is even better paired with Dry Conditioner for extra volume. Big hair hides secrets.
  2. Mascara and lipstick go a looong way and are easily applied en route.
  3. Wear something comfortable. A loose top with leggings and boots are an easy way to look put together with no effort, add a statement necklace and nobody will even realize you picked half your outfit from the laundry bin this morning.
  4. A quick spray of something light! Cucumber or coconut are my favourites. Just in case you smell..
  5. Do not stop for breakfast on your way in. You may be thinking “I’m already late so what does it matter?” but your coworkers care and it looks like you can’t manage your time well. There’s late because of life and late because you just absolutely needed your croissant warmed up. Just suck it up and drink the office sludge they call coffee this one time.
  6. If you ignore the last point and stop for coffee anyway, grab a dozen pastries and hopefully nobody will even notice the time when you walk in with a sugar rush for the office.

Most importantly, remember to take a deep breath because this is not the end of the world and your week will most likely get worse.


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