Being a working Mom…

Having a full time job is stressful enough, you have to adult on the regular. What could be more stressful than having to adult for 8 hours a day – having to adult when you get home too because you are a mom. Now I myself do not have any human babies along with my fellow mice however, we are all fur baby moms. Each one of us has a loving fur baby that we stress over daily. Okay, I admit maybe a fur baby doesn’t cause you to have to adult the entire time you are with them because they are there to enjoy after all, but you definitely feel the pressure of being responsible for another living thing. Fur babies as awesome as they are and as loving as they can be are also a big responsibility and can sometimes delay your starts in the morning. Now if you are like Sugar Mouse your fur baby doesn’t live in your house because he is a horse but for Sassy and myself our babies are dogs.

My morning starts off with me getting up and sometimes if he isn’t too lazy or exhausted from his long night of puppy dreams my fur boy will get up with me. Once I start to move his leash though he is up and moving with all the life in him. He really is just a majestic creature, svelte and all black with honey eyes, doing his morning stretches in the hallway waiting for me to get it together enough to take him out. A normal morning will incorporate a car ride as we drop the boyfriend off at work and then off to the park to play ball and get some exercise in. Now as I mentioned a NORMAL morning would conclude with him willingly getting back into the car to go home, get his bacon treat, and hang out on the couch watching the action happen just outside the living room window until boyfriend gets home. However, as a fur baby mom you will know that not everything always goes as planned!

I can recall one morning, and I mostly recall this morning because I really just wanted to leave him out in the cold for someone else to take, I was extra frustrated with his blatant disobedience. ¬†We were in the back of our apartment and he didn’t want to come when called back so that we could go inside and I could leave for work. He wanted to play a game, a game I was not prepared to play nor was I about to take part in…I meant business. He didn’t get the memo. For a daunting 40 minutes I chased him, cornered him, corralled him, only to be made a fool of as he got loose again and went for another romp. I was so angry and frustrated I could’ve just screamed – except is was 7am and that is not cool. Finally I decided I’d walk away because clearly my efforts were not effective. So I left him there in the back alley. I got into my car and drove around the back – and there he was, laying the snow, in the exact spot he was when I started walking away. I pulled up beside him and opened the back door and he hopped right on in. At this point I wanted to cry because I could have done this 40 minutes ago and saved myself the frustrations. Needless to say I got him inside and he knew I was upset with him because he took his butt with his tail between his legs and went straight upstairs. No bacon treat for you! I was SUPER late for work. We were friends again after work…

Fur babies are awesome. They are the happiest to see you after a long day and you really can’t put a price on that kind of love. The excessive behaviour they exhibit is just because they really do love you more than anything else in the world and they rely on you for everything. You are their world. So when they are causing you anger or frustration just remember – keep calm, they can feed off your energies, love them whole heartedly – they will love you back more, and enjoy every moment you have with them – they are your little family. It may be hard being a working mom because god forbid anything happen to your fur baby – you are distracted for the rest of your day being concerned for their well being. You’ll need to leave the office to tend to them much like a human baby. In the end it is totally worth the wet kisses, garbage messes you clean up, and fur tumble weeds you need to sweep up daily. Love your fur baby working moms because at the end of your long disastrous day who loves you the most?


Truthfully Yours,

Smokey Mouse



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  1. Fur babies love you the most! Woo!


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