Where is this going?

Do you ever ask that question? I do quite frequently now. Where is this job going, where is this conversation going, where are we going.

Being in your mid twenties you start to clue in that it’s getting closer to that time where you need to buckle down and figure out what you want. Not finite rules but at least something to go by.

It could be simple as I want to be happy and debt free or I want to get married and have 8 kids by the time I’m 35 all while balancing a fulfilling career and friendships.

So we start to ask where things are going. Are they making you happy? Are you lost? Work in progress?

Ya WORK IN PROGRESS defines me perfectly.

I am working very diligently to better my career and my life. Getting certified in my field, trying to make more money so I can do the things I love, going to the gym, riding more, and worrying less (this is hard). I am also working on my relationships with my significant other and my mom.

I most certainly DO NOT have it together and DO NOT have it figured out. I also have highs and lows. Right now I’m in a slump and not so great moods all the time. I find myself becoming more and more short tempered. It’s a sucky spot but I know I’ll bounce back.

Bouncing back runs in my family. Both of my parents came from large families with issues. My mom never graduated High School and became the VP of Human Resources for all of Canada for a big software company. She battled cancer and won, and deals with the side effects of chemo every day. She still works out every day, goes on trips and lives the lush life. My Dad ran a very successful Landscaping/snow removal company for many years without having any prior business knowledge or experience. He made it into a million dollar franchise and then retired. He had ups and downs throughout his life like Guillain-Barré syndrome, my mom having cancer, and a crazy Franchisor. Although he isn’t here anymore he still bounced back he bounced so hard he is up watching over me.

It just makes me realize that I am only 25 and I still have a long way to go. No matter what happens I will always bounce back.







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