Keyboard Warriors

Keyboard Warriors… no one likes them. Everyone has been one (in one form another). Keyboard Warriors at the office are a different breed. These are the individuals who just send out emails with distinct undertones of dissatisfaction. ¬†Even if you are asking for help MULTIPLE TIMES, they still have to come at you in some way.

This being said keeping your conversations in emails is for the best that way you can track the conversation. Most keyboard warriors are one way via email and the other to your face. You could ask them for help in their office and they will look up smile and say yes I will get right on it. Then send you an email asking why the task you are trying to complete but need help with isn’t done yet.

Sassy Mouse said it best “It’s a game of chess, you have to think 5 moves ahead”!

So here I sit behind my virtual walls of my virtual castle, defending myself against the keyboard warriors of the office. With help from my friends Smokey Mouse & Sassy Mouse.





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