How to Relax on Lunch

Since I love to chill out and zone out. Here are my tips on how to relax on your lunch or breaks. If the weather is nice go outside! Take a walk or eat outside Have a nap (find a quiet space and rest) Go out for lunch Read a book Don’t do work! Watch…

Bookworms Unite!

Download BookBub and never be without a book again!

Monday Mayhem

The Crazy Cat Lady shares her worst Monday morning with Three Office Mice.

Being Positive Patty

Coming to work day in and day out can be one of the most monotonous things any person will experience in their life. This is especially true for those of us who have a repetitive job, where everyday we have the same processes to follow, we go through the same motions and encounter the same…

What Not To Eat In The Office

Truth be told some people aren’t considerate. ¬†Shocker I know right. There should be unwritten rules about what foods to not eat in the office. Now I know some of these could be very personal to me, but I know many are common to other people’s dislikes. 1.Fish Why did you feel the need to…